Thursday, December 29, 2011

Day Zero - Catawba Island, Ohio


I'm Phoebe and my finance is Barry. We've been together for six years and got engaged in May. We're getting married in September and we're shamelessly avoiding all responsibility until then. 

Starting tomorrow morning we're taking our dog and heading west. Then east. Then north. We're going to be on the road for about three months. We're chronicling it here. Sometimes posts will be from me and sometimes they'll be from Bear. We'll try to keep it updated. However, we're a little flaky. Now, for some ridiculous numbers.

On our route, not counting any driving within our destination cities, we will...
drive 5,336 miles
be in the car for 85 hours
use about 213 gallons of gas
drive through 17 states
need 2 oil changes

We're taking a Buick LeSabre that Bear inherited from his grandmother. In a tiny journal we found in the glovebox, Grandma Marilyn named the forest green car "The Green Machine." Love it.

Tomorrow we're going to Chicago. It's only about 5 hours from us so this will be one of the shortest legs of the trip. Do you want the full breakdown? Here you go!

Port Clinton
-- 5 hours --
-- 17 hours --
-- 11 hours --
Las Vegas
-- 5 hours --
San Diego
-- 22 hours --
-- 8 hours --
New Orleans
-- 3 hours --
Perdido Key
-- 16 hours --
Port Clinton

Sometimes we'll spend a few weeks in one place, sometimes a couple days.

We'll be back with more soon <3

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  1. nice! I ove long road trips, ive done that route a few times its a blast!