Saturday, March 17, 2012

Day Eighty - Austin, Texas

Day Eighty was Wednesday, March 14th, our second day in Austin! Barry and I went down to Congress Avenue, where there are a a ton of food trucks and cute shops and music and fun.

Here are Barry and I holding food. Interesting, right? Maybe not. It was food truck fare. Is that any better?

This is the inside of a candy shop. You can see how busy it was down there, especially in the second picture.

After we checked out some shops, we were on our way out of town and saw a huge thrift store. Some of you may not know this, but Barry has a pink shirt. It's pale pink and it's a v-neck. I think it's pretty ridiculous but it's his favorite. Until last week, when it got ruined in the wash. I swear I didn't do it on purpose, but it's one of the only times I've done laundry in the past couple months so it didn't look too good. I saw this mannequin in the thrift store and it reminded me of Barry's stupid poor shirt. My favorite part is that he's wearing a sloppy old robe with it.

Wednesday evening we went  and had some Texas BBQ at the Green Mesquite. Afterwards we drove around a little. This is actually a river but it's been dammed up to create a pool. There are ladders and lifeguards and everything. It looks a little spooky here because we were there at night but it was cool. If it were a little bit warmer, we probably would have gone here during the day and actually swam!

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