Monday, March 12, 2012

Days Sixty Eight - Seventy - Las Vegas, Nevada. Round Two.

When we left Vegas the first time, my Aunt Judy told us that she was doing something crazy.  Her son, David, who lives in Phoenix, Arizona is moving to Ohio.  He was planning to drive there in the beginning of March.

That sounds horrible, you say? He’s going to drive a bajillion hours in the car from a sunny, lovely climate to the wintry hell of northern Ohio? Well, I’m extremely against Ohio winters so maybe I’m being dramatic. But here’s the craziest part- Aunt Judy agreed to accompany him. They’ve both gone mad, I think.

The point of this story is that she told us she would like it if we could come back to Vegas the first week of March and watch her doggy. Here’s the little angel now. She’s neither little nor angelic. I love her, anyway.

When Aunt Jud suggested leaving California early, my first reaction was to laugh uncontrollably. I said something like this: “Leave California?! Are you crazy?! I love California! You’re going to have to cut my arms off to get me to let go of the beach.” Although that last part didn’t make any sense, Aunt Judy said she understood and that she would ask her neighbors to check on Bella.

Fast forward a couple weeks. We’re in California and Jenny tells us that EJ, my thirteen-year-old cousin, has a lacrosse tournament the first weekend in March.

“Where is it?” I asked innocently.

“I think it’s in Vegas. Hey, you can come and we can all stay at Aunt Judy’s!”

"But I've already been there this month," I protested confusedly.

"You're going back, sister!"

“Son of a bitch,” I replied classily.

I've been told I have nice adverbs.

We agreed to head back to Vegas for the weekend and stay for the following week, which worked out for Bella, Aunt Judy, and everyone involved, really. Here are a few shots from the drive into Vegas.  When you cross the border from California into Nevada, you immediately encounter a casino. It’s called Whiskey Pete’s.

Not sure if you want to stay at Whiskey Pete’s? Just hop on this tiny monorail, which travels about seventy yards across the highway to….

Buffalo Bill’s!

On Saturday between lacrosse games, we went to the M&M factory with the kids. Here are a lot of M&Ms.

After that, Jenny and I stopped at a walk up beer window. They have those in Vegas because open containers are allowed... anywhere. Smoking is also allowed anywhere.

Later that day, also between lacrosse games, I went shopping with Chloe and Char. They both came out their dressing rooms wearing the same shirt that they had both unknowingly picked out. So cute!

Here's a shot of the lacrosse fields. I'm not sure if you can tell, but there were about ten fields in a row.

Lacrosse is kind of like hockey. I'm never quite sure what's going on and it's violent. 

I had a great time, though!

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