Monday, March 12, 2012

Days Sixty Four - Sixty Seven - Carlsbad, California

Well, I’m sorry to say I’m about eleven days behind on the blog.  We’ve been very busy and little blog is not at the top of my priority list. Gambling is. What? Awkward. Anyway, I’ll start from where I left off.

A long, long time ago, in a place that is now very far away to us, it was my cousin Carolynn’s ninth birthday.  The day was Tuesday, February 28th.  I treated the occasion in the same way that any logical person would. I wrapped my male dog in pink and purple streamers and trotted down to Carolynn’s school to walk her home. Here they are after we got home. She loved it.

The four Mungovan kids are so busy that they’re rarely all home in the evening at the same time.  Carolynn’s birthday was a day that the stars aligned and someone’s soccer practice was cancelled or something. This, however, is the only photographic evidence I have that they were all there. Can anyone guess what’s going on in this picture?

That’s right. Brother is being gross. I’m not going to be too graphic because I’m a lady.

It was his butt.


Here’s Carolynn with her presents.

I don’t remember what was in that one but it must have been good.
On Wednesday, Carolynn had a birthday party with her friends. I don’t have any pictures of that (what am I thinking?!), but it was absolutely adorable. We went on a scavenger hunt,  had a piñata, went to the movies, opened presents, and about 300 other things. Busy birthday.

Thursday was our last day in California. Boooo. Between packing and searching for all my shoes that Chloe was trying to keep, we made it to the beach one last time.

Here are some shots of the beautiful Del Mar dog beach.

This is a sign near a lot of the beaches. I thought it was kind of a joke, but they’re serious about watching out for surfers. They’re an unobservant bunch, apparently, because surfers are the category of beach goers that get in accidents most often.

As usual, we’re sad little travelers to be leaving California but we’re extremely excited about continuing the journey. Next up, Vegas. Part Two. The next post will explain why we're returning to Sin City.

Also as usual, Barry takes all the beautiful pictures and then I write about them. Love it.

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