Monday, February 27, 2012

Days Sixty Two and Sixty Three - Carlsbad, California

Charlie and my cousin Carolynn are in love. She carries him around everywhere. He adores her, too. If her bedroom door is closed in the morning, he whines at me until I let him in there. Then Carolynn carries him downstairs. I'm including these two pictures so you can see how silly this looks. He's almost as big as her!

On Sunday, Carolynn had two basketball games. She's a great player! I love watching her. Her team won both games. After that, we went to dog beach. Carolynn brought her friends, Abby and Emily along. Here's a picture of Emily and Carolynn playing soccer.

Here are Emily, Carolynn, E.J., Abby, and Harper. Cute kids, eh?

Barry is on the right, again in his ridiculous ensemble. Chris, Harper's dad, is on the left. Bear and Chris are in man love, I think. They literally frolicked in the ocean together.

The beach was cold! Can you tell from Jenny's outfit?

Abby, Carolynn, and Emily climbing the rocks at the beach.

As we were leaving, I looked down and saw someone sitting on a pole in the water.

... It was Barry.

After the beach, we went to Besta Wan for dinner. It was freeeezing on the patio, but we braved it. All for the love of Besta Wan, the best beachy restaurant ever. Here Jenny is, demonstrating the temperature.

Tomorrow is Carolynn's 9th birthday! I made her this cake tonight. The inside is purple!

We're leaving on Thursday or Friday and we'll be back on a more adventurous track. I'll be back to blogging more frequently. Theoretically.

Thanks for stopping in!

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