Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day Thirty Three - Big Bear, California

Monday morning was our only full day in Big Bear. Bear got up at sunrise to get to the slopes right when they opened. He took E.J. and Harper, the other two early risers.  A couple hours later, at a less insane time, all the girls left for the mountain.

Here are the boys getting ready to leave.

Here are the girls in a terrible shot. The one above and this one are the only two we got of the inside of the cabin.

Here they are in a cute shot outside the cabin!

Bear took these pictures from the ski lift. That's Big Bear Lake.

See that green awning? That's the bar at the lodge. I sat just to the left of it for about four hours. I loved it. I asked the bartender if she would hire me to be her helper. She asked me to get her more ice. I refused. She said, you just failed the interview. Damn.

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