Saturday, February 4, 2012

Barry's Vegas Experience

I know Phoebe has been carrying this blog for the most part but I've been busy hiking, climbing mountains, and doing some of the best skiing of my life.  Now that were are here in San Diego for awhile with some time to relax I'm able to contribute.  I'm going to wrap up my Vegas experience with a few pictures.

Here is Downtown Vegas from the Red Rock Mountains where Charlie and I went climbing almost everyday.

Charlie on top of the Red Rocks.

Road from Vegas to Mt. Charleston

Mt. Charleston, skiing only 45 minutes outside of Vegas.  It was a nice change of pace from the desert.

The Green Machine on the way to Mt. Charleston.  10 minutes before this was taken she was in the desert.

Climbing at Red Rocks.  This was scarier than it looks.

It rains here five days a year, go figure.

I made up for it by riding this lizard.

The Flamingo Casino.

 A flamingo at the Flamingo

Hoover Dam

Green Machine at Hoover Dam

Me hanging out over the dam

Charlie being awesome

Alex's super truck not responding well to the cold after a whole day of skiing at Brian Head in Utah.

We eventually left Vegas and met up with more of Phoebe's family for another couple days of skiing at Big Bear in California.  Here is the double black diamond slope I spent most of my last day thrashing.  Thanks to Alex and Shane for the equipment and thanks to Judy for a place to be able to unpack our bags for awhile.

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  1. I love the Vegas pictures; reminds me of my childhood. It seems you hit all of the important spots. :)