Monday, February 27, 2012

Days Fifty - Fifty Eight - Carlsbad, California

Hello, my friends! Barry and I are still in California, loving every minute.

Here's a photo wrap up of Tuesday, February 14th through Wednesday, February 22nd.

Bear and I spent a day in Pacific Beach, better known as PB. It's a beach town that's pretty near downtown San Diego. When I lived here, one of my favorite things to do was skip class and go to the thrift shops in PB. While we were hitting them up, we found these fantastic specimens of fashion. They're Constanza shoes. Anyone? Seinfeld references haven't made nearly enough appearances in the old blog.

This lovely framed picture was also in a thrift shop.

This picture of Charlie accurately shows how ridiculously filthy he gets at the beach. Those feet in the background belong to a fleeing beach goer. Charlie pretty much covered them in wet, wet dog scented sand. Mmm.

This photo was taken in Ocean Beach. As you can see (if you happen to have a mirror or at least a mind that works that way), Ocean Beach is widely referred to as OB. It's one of my favorite places ever. It's a hippie, surfer town just south of PB. It has one of the largest off leash dog beaches in Southern California. Pack your bags. Move there. If you don't love it, I'm not sure we can be friends.

Here's little Carolynn walking towards the bridge to the dog beach in Del Mar. She's holding the tennis ball thrower thing that we got for Charlie. As soon as we started playing fetch with him using it, everyone's lives improved. It's super fun and keeps me less disgustingly dirty.

This picture is a winner because of Carolynn's facial expression, the dog bum in the background, and the ocean.

Here's a wider shot of the dog beach. Millions of doggies.

Bear throwing a ball for Charlie.

Doggie on the beach.

Here's an abrupt change of scenery. Barry drove to Big Bear on Tuesday, February 21st to go skiing. Here are some shots he took.

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