Monday, February 27, 2012

Day Fifty Nine - La Jolla, California

La Jolla is one of the most upscale beach towns in this area. A lot of celebrities have beach houses there. In honor of the exclusivity, Barry showed up looking like this.

There was a reason he looked like that. We were in La Jolla to go kayaking! Bear loves kayaking. I like sitting in the front of a double kayak while Bear paddles us around. Even with only one of us paddling, we were still way faster than anyone else in our group. This picture is not us. It's from their website. We couldn't bring the camera with us out on the open ocean in case we tipped. Good thing we didn't, because we definitely tipped on the way in. I was starting to feel moderately seasick from sitting in the waves for an hour, but a surprise swim in 50 degree water snapped me out of it! I'd also like to say that these people are about 100 yards closer to the caves than we ever got.

After the kayaking, we went to the top of the cliffs. The view is amazing. Here's one of many pictures we took.

I don't know what these trees are called, but I love them. They're everywhere in La Jolla. 

This is probably the most famous thing in La Jolla. Those are sea lions. There's a natural cove where they swim up onto the beach to get warm. 

Here's the Bear with the sea lions in the background. While we were out kayaking, they were swimming around us. Beautiful.

Another lovely shot of La Jolla.

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