Monday, March 12, 2012

Days Seventy One - Seventy Four - Las Vegas, Nevada. Part Two.

After my California family and friends left Las Vegas, Barry and I didn't really do many photograph worthy activities for a few days.

For example, we spent most of a day looking for a suit for Bear to wear to our wedding. When we get back to Ohio, we're going to be working a lot, not to mention living on an island. We're not going to have many opportunities for wedding planning. If anyone is interested, this is part of what the boys are wearing. Pay no attention to the tie that's pictured with the suit jacket. Boo, patterned ties.

Here's actual Barry wearing the suit. I couldn't be bothered to stand up to take the photo. The angle is a little wonky.

We went to the local casino, Red Rock, and gambled a few times. Our time at the casino usually plays out like this. 

Bear puts $20 in a poker machine, sits there for two hours, and leaves with $16 (or $22, or $14, or something like that). 
I show up in the casino. I have my player's card. I have my ID. I have cash, usually $60. I have dollar bills to tip the cocktail waitress. I have several layers of clothes on in case the air is on high. I have bingo markers in my pockets if I want to go that route. It's like a Wild West movie. You know, the guy shows up in town with gun holsters and that whistling music comes on? 

I like to play the slot machines. They have all kinds of them, but my favorites are the ones with recognizable themes. I like Wizard of Oz, Sex and the City, Ghostbusters, and Wheel of Fortune. This is the witch. I like her. I go from $60 to $2, up to $100, down to $16, and so forth. I'm a manic gambler. I get irrationally sad when I lose and super excited when I win. It's probably a good thing we left Vegas. Haha!

One day, I went to the Mexican market. It's much larger than a regular grocery store. Everything is displayed like artwork, and most of it super cheap. Also, almost everything is in Spanish. Most people that work there are not bilingual. I think I was the only white person in there. Here are some melons and grapefruit and such.

It's true. Avocados were 5 for 99 cents. I have no words to express my elation.

I love Hot Dog on a Stick. They have turkey dogs which are made to order into corn dogs and the best lemonade on the planet. I like this picture because the cup is much tinier than the hot dog.

While in the mall one day, looking for ties for the boys to wear in the wedding, I saw a pet store. I have an addiction to puppies, so I walked in. I saw an Edie look a like! Edie is my friend Nicole's dog. Sometimes we call her and Charlie brother and sister, sometimes we call them husband and wife. I amended it to brother husband and sister wife. Anyway, here's Charlie's sister wife Edie.

And here's the Edie lookalike dog in the pet store. Same coloring in the same places and everything. This dog, however, cost thousands of dollars. Edie cost $160 from Pets Without Parents, an amazing dog shelter in Columbus. Weird, right?

On the day my cousins left Las Vegas, we took Ed to the airport, which is right near the strip. We stopped into the Bellagio on the way home. This is the ceiling of stained glass. I might have already posted a picture of this on the blog. I don't even care. It's breathtakingly beautiful. Who would have thought you could say that about the ceiling of a hotel lobby (and mean it)?

Barry does photograph worthy things because he goes hiking at Red Rocks park. When my cousin Alex called to tell me about all the rattlesnakes that are out at this time of year, the lukewarm feelings I had about hiking turned to cold. I didn't go at all during Vegas: Part Two. 

Some lovely pictures he took of the desert...

One day while Barry was out hiking, he was on top of a cliff. For some reason, a helicopter showed up and started circling him. He said it was a little creepy.

This next picture is a few weeks old. It actually happened in California. I forgot about it. Now that I have found it, I must show you.

It's me with dark hair! I grew it last month. No, not really. My cousin Chloe is standing over me with her hair, which is super long. I'd like to point out that she has gorgeous hair, despite how ridiculous it looks on top of my head :).


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