Friday, March 16, 2012

Day Seventy Nine - Austin, Texas

We arrived in Austin on Monday night! We're staying with my mom's friend Susie. They've been friends forever, maybe thirty-five years.

When we arrived at Susie's house on Monday night, there was chaos. Susie has two dogs. Her daughter has a dog Susie's watching this week. We arrived with our dog. That makes four. Here's a picture of me with all of them. It was impossible to get them all to look at the camera.

Individual shots work better. Here I am with Zoe.

This is Murphy.

And here's Ben, the amazing worm like doggy!

They love it when Barry lies on the floor.

Day Seventy-Nine was Tuesday, March 13th, our first day in Austin! Bear and I were still confused about the time because of daylight savings time and driving across a couple of time zones, so we didn't do anything in the morning. We went to get breakfast, although it was lunchtime, at Jim's Restaurant. Yelp told me that it was a good place.

When we got there, I ordered a turkey sandwich. Keep in mind that I had just left California, where a turkey sandwich meant hearty wheat bread, sprouts, avocado, tomato, and those kind of things. When they brought me the sandwich at Jim's it was slightly different. I didn't take a picture because I was ravenous but I'll give you a visual.

First of all, it was on Wonder bread. I don't think I've bought a loaf of Wonder bread.... ever. It had about seven pounds of turkey. Well, probably half a pound. It had three slices of American cheese. It had at least three tablespoons of mayonnaise, maybe four or five. It had one sad, little tiny piece of wilted iceberg lettuce. Oh, and there was a massive pile of french fries on the plat, too.

Basically, everything I try not to eat.

I was so hungry, I ate it all. Then we had to come home and go back to sleep. Seriously, that's all we did in the afternoon.

Later, when we finally pulled it together to go do something, we headed downtown. We had a glass of wine at the original Whole Foods, then Susie got off work and took us on a tour.

We didn't plan to be here in Austin for anything in particular but we happened to be here during South by Southwest. It's an eight day long music and film interactive. It means there are concerts and partying and films and people everywhere. Here are a few shots of downtown Austin right now.

A line of people waiting for a concert.

 Street performers.

Don't you wish you had a green scooter? And rode it while wearing a skirt and heels?

SXSW is South by Southwest.

I saw this shirt twice. I like it.

This is a beautiful old hotel.

We went to the turtle pond at the University of Texas. Barry loved it. There were over 200 turtles in it. I like the ones with moss on their shells.

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