Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day Eleven - Keystone, Colorado

Bear went skiing on Monday (also known as Day Eleven) with Scotty, Caroline's boyfriend / our friend / owner of the Goat.

I love chair lifts. I would like to have one instead of stairs. They’re so cute.

This place is on top of the mountain. They serve beer and that kind of thing. Does this seem like a ridiculous idea to anyone else? Get drunk and ski down a black diamond?

After skiing, Bear wanted to hot tub, which I’m always game for. Hot tub can be a verb. Anyway, it was in our hotel and it was gorgeous! It’s on the sixth floor and it overlooks the mountains. Plus, it’s outside on a deck. Love that. In other news, I’m wearing a strapless bathing suit. I’m not naked.

After that, we went to dinner and then hung out at the Goat for awhile, then went back to the amazing hot tub.

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