Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day Thirteen - Aspen, Colorado

We’re staying with cousin Kara and since she has a job (what’s that like?), we had the whole day yesterday to entertain ourselves. Avon, where Kara lives, is about two hours from Aspen, Colorado. [If Barry makes one more beerflowslikewine comment, I’ll kill him.]

We left here Wednesday morning and it looked like we would be driving into this:

 Luckily, it cleared up pretty quickly and the green machine was able to make the trip with no delays at all.

Driving through this canyon was beautiful.

I also like driving through the mountain.

When we arrived in Aspen, this is the first mountain with skiing that you see. I think it’s called Buttermilk. Check out the jumps.

To give you a better idea of the size of these ski runs and the jumps, here’s the other side of the mountain with tiny specks of skiers. Someone in town told us that a lot of the jumps are more than 100 feet.

Here are some downtown shots. The shops are fancy fancy. In typical fashion, the only place where we bought anything was the thrift store. It was full of all the name brands! Convenient. 

When we returned from Aspen, we went to the Crazy Mountain Brewery in Edwards, Colorado.  It was so delicious, we went and got our friend Joe from Put-in-Bay and he came with us for another beer!

 We're loving seeing everyone!

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