Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day Seventeen - Zion National Park

Bear already did a quick post about Zion, but I thought I'd add more pictures since Bear took over 200. The man is out of picture taking control.

On the drive out of Vegas, the light on the skyline was gorgeous.

We stopped at our friend Tara's house in St. George, then all fifteen of us went to Zion. Barry, Kate, Mom, Dad, Aunt Judy, cousin David, cousin Annie, cousin Alex, Jackie, Tara, Chris, Jordyn, Macuyler, Camryn, and me.

We arrived in Zion National Park, which is about three hours from Vegas. My cousin David held this rock up so we could walk under it.

Here are Kate and Jordyn on the trail.

This is a view of the top of the canyon.

Here are some random people on the trail so you can sort of see how big the canyon is.

Some lovely shots by Barry.

How cool is that? There are so many different lanscapes, the sun sets all crazy-like.

There's a place in Zion called Cafe Soleil where we ate dinner. Delicious. Get on board.

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