Monday, January 30, 2012

Day Thirty - Las Vegas, Nevada

Friday was our thirtieth day on this trip. We're about one third through it. Ahh! I never want to go home. Road tripping suits us. Charlie is about as easy as dogs get, Bear and I are loving it, and we've had so many wonderful, welcoming people to infringe on!

I'm blogging from my computer, also known as the computer with no pictures. I'm sorry. Posts are so much more interesting with some visuals.

I'll give you a visual with words. I do have an English degree, after all! I'm sitting at Big Bear Mountain with a dellllicious Pacifico cerveza. I'm in a t-shirt and I'm toasty warm in the sunshine. There's a huge, snow covered mountain in front of me. My wonderful Mungovan cousins, their friends Carlyn (a.k.a. Uge Von Schaaman, The Helmet, The Scowl), Golden Domer, and Harper, and Barry are all skiing. I can watch them ski and blog at the same time!

Back to Friday.

Bear and I decided to head to a casino. We've frequented the Red Rock Casino because it's only a few minutes from Aunt Judy's house and it's lovely. We've been to the strip a few times but it's a lot more difficult to win money there. In the guidebook that Cousin Jen gave us for Christmas (seriously, the most useful gift ever), I saw an article about a casino that has a saltwater aquarium with mermaids! It's called the Silverton Casino and Lodge.

When we arrived at the Silverton, the first thing we saw was a mermaid! The aquarium is right inside the front door. It's especially cool because it's a cylinder. The mermaid was swimming around, doing flips, petting the stingrays, and posing for pictures.

We signed up for a rewards card with the Silverton. Here's a piece of advice: ALWAYS sign up for the rewards card at the casinos. They're free and they come with tons of perks. For example, just for signing up at the Silverton, we got a free buffet. It normally costs $25! Bear ate his weight in snow crab legs. Deja vu from last week? Well, that was king crab. Also, we got $10 in free slot play and I won $30. So, they paid us $30 to eat free buffet and drink about five free beers.

After killing the snow crab, we headed back to suburbia. Loving Vegas.

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