Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day Fourteen - Leadville, Colorado

This morning, we woke up to Charlie whining to go out. Oh, wait, that's every morning. Anyway, Bear was outside with him for maybe thirty seconds. When he came inside, he looked mostly frozen. I started sobbing uncontrollably and refused to to get out of bed for several hours.

Well, not really. But close.

Kara had to work until noon. When she got home, we left for Leadville. It's about an hour south and Kara said it was really cute. We got there, walked around to a lot of the little shops and again only purchased things from the thrift shop! Of course, Leadville is nothing like Aspen, we could have afforded things in the actual shops there :).

On the way there, we passed this abandoned mine town. Eerie, right?

Here are a few shots of Leadville.

Tonight is our last night in Colorado. We're heading to Kara's now to cook dinner with her and her roommates. Barry is super excited because Kara got him some elk steaks. 

I really like Colorado but I'm so ready to head to a warmer climate. I am what I am.

Imagine me yelling, LATER, JERK!! at the snow as we drive away tomorrow. I'm pumped.

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