Friday, January 27, 2012

Days Twenty Five - Twenty Nine - Las Vegas, Nevada

I'm putting this week into one post because honestly, I haven't done much! We've gone to the casino, shopped, walked the dogs, watched movies, cooked, and played Scrabble. Honestly, I haven't been feeling that great. I think it was the last two weeks of drinking and eating unhealthy food a lot. Yesterday I ate three salads. My belly was hungry for nutrition. 

Aunt Judy and I got pedicures. I forgot how fantastic they are. In Ohio, getting your toes done costs at least $40. Maybe more like $50. It's usually about $20 out west. 

Barry went up to Mount Charleston on Wednesday and skied all day. He loves it.
Today is Friday, which means it's our last day in Vegas. We're not leaving until Sunday morning, but we're going skiing all day tomorrow. Or maybe just Bear is going. Whatever.

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