Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day Nineteen - Fremont Street, Las Vegas, Nevada

Day Nineteen is also Kate's 21st birthday! It's also last Tuesday.

Here's Kate having a margarita at lunch. I made her wear that dollar store super expensive tiara.

For some reason, there aren't any pictures of Fremont Street. That reason is probably free beer.


I'll give you an idea of what it is.

Fremont Street is the original downtown area of Las Vegas. It was here before the Strip ever existed. It's probably four miles from the strip. The casinos there are the Golden Nugget, the Four Queens, and some others.  There's a stretch of maybe four blocks that's totally blocked off from traffic so you can walk everywhere. There are tons of street performers. 

For example, several of these crazy fast spray paint artists were there. My favorite performers were on the Strip, though. I'll post a picture in the next post.

The craziest thing about Fremont Street is the video screen. You know how they have giant video screens in Times Square in New York? There's one on Fremont Street, too. Except it's four blocks long. It goes overhead and it feels like you're in a giant TV tunnel. Also, there's a zip line! It zooms all the way along the downtown area. 

Of course, I knew most of this before I got here because I watch The Sister Wives. You know, they had to move the Vegas to avoid arrest in Utah. I've been looking for them the entire time I've been here.

My Aunt Judy, who we're staying with in Vegas, had some free nights at the Four Queens. My parents stayed there for two nights and my sister, Bear, and I stayed at the Monte Carlo.

I'll be back with the next update soon!

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