Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day Seven - Glen Haven, Colorado

We're staying with our friends Ericca and T.J. in Glen Haven, Colorado for a few days.  On our way into Colorado yesterday, we could see a faint outline of the mountains. They got clearer more gigantic as we got closer. Here's the montage of pictures I semi-successfully took from the car going 80 mph. (The speed limit is 75 here! Bonus.)

Here we all are in the car.

Bear has driven the entire way so far. He loves it.

Charlie is over it. Beyond over it. He's been awesome, though. Didn't make a peep for the entire ten hour ride yesterday.

Ericca and T.J. have chickens!

To preserve my sanity, I'm going to upload the rest of the pictures later. The internet isn't slick enough here for efficient uploading.

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