Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day Twelve - Keystone and Avon

Tuesday morning, Scotty took us on a tour of Keystone and the area. Here Charlie and I are at the Goat, gearing up to leave.

This is the drive up to Montezuma, the tiny mountain town where Scotty lived for years.

Here are some shots of Montezuma.

This is a tiny house made out of a giant piece of pipe. A professor lives in it.

This house is for sale. I loved it.

Charlie met this pretty dog.

This is our tour vehicle, Scotty’s Jeep, on the road.

This is the one room schoolhouse.

The dogs in this town rule the road. They just lay in it.

After Montezuma, we went up to Loveland Pass.

Scotty and Charlie checking it out.

Charlie climbing the mountain. The view here was amazing but difficult to capture on film.


On the way down from Loveland Pass, Bear stopped to drink out of a mountain spring.

After the tour, we headed for Avon, where Kara lives.  When we got there, we went for a walk on the golf course by her house.

We also took this lovely dog, Hurley. He's Kara's roommate's dog and Charlie loves him.

After that, we cooked dinner and hung out with these fine people. This is Steve, Rita, Kara, Amy, and Barry. Amy is our friend from Put-in-Bay, Rita is Kara’s roommate, and Steve is Rita’s boyfriend.

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