Monday, January 16, 2012

Day Sixteen - Las Vegas

Bear and I arrived into Las Vegas Friday night around 5. We had dinner with Aunt Judy and Cousin David, then hit the Red Rock Casino. Bear and I walked away with about $100 more than when we started. They also gave us free drink the whole time. Vegas is legit.

On Saturday, Barry and David went hiking with the dogs while Aunt Judy and I went shopping. I bought a white ceramic elephant. I named him Uncle Elwin. I love him.

My parents and my sister flew in on Saturday night. Aunt Jud and I picked them up. We drove down the strip on the way home. I love being around all the people. My dad has never been here before and he was pretty intrigued. 

Sunday we went to Zion National Park. It's about 3 hours away, but with all the stops it took us five. (This is the point in the story where I could start saying horrible things about my mother and the rest of the family I was trapped in the car with, but I'm choosing to gloss over that.)

Barry loved the park and took 200 pictures. He'll be back later to post a few of the good ones.

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