Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day Three - Chicago

Happy New Year! I'm definitely the only one awake this morning.  Bear and I had a fantastic New Year's Eve and I went to bed at a reasonable hour like the old lady that I am :).

We took Charlie to a dog park in our old neighborhood yesterday. He loved it. He ran around the whole time we were there and ran to the gate to greet every new dog and human. See that big white dog on the right? He looked a lot like Charlie, only twice as large. Charlie is the one on the left, a lovely bum shot.

 This is me at the best Thai restaurant in Chicago. When we lived here, I went to this place probably once a week. Best. curry. ever. Also, they've remodeled since I was last there and it looks more like a restaurant and less like someone's home kitchen. It's called Jitlada's. It's on Halsted, just south of Irving Park.

We drove through our old neighborhood and saw Michael's, a little bar where they would let me in.  I was 19 when we lived here so it was always a problem to find places where I was allowed to go! We also drove by Wrigley field, where I loved to go and Barry loved to discuss the level of boredom that baseball achieves. Mostly we drank beer and watched them lose. I think that's what all Cubs fans do, actually.

We walked down Michigan Avenue, definitely without Charlie, who would have been terrified of the crowds, and shopped a little. Some of the stores were so busy, there was a line outside just to walk in. The picture below is of the sidewalk around 4:00 p.m. yesterday. Put-in-Bay is a little bit desolate in December. Bear and I kept saying, it's so nice to be around people again! Seriously, we were loving it.

Lights at The Lincoln Park Zoo! It was gorgeous but the pictures don't do it justice so I'm just putting up a few, mostly of the animals.

Here's a video of the light and music show. I loved it and I danced along.

Bear's friends from college were having a party at a bar over on Irving Park and Ashland. We stopped in and had a drink after dinner. Bear will be by later to fill you in with the tragedy at dinner. Well, to him. Didn't really affect me. Anyway, this is Bear, Ashby, and Jamie.

And this is Sam...

And this is Birdie! 

Loving it. What did everyone else do for New Year's Eve?

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