Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day Twenty - The Strip, Las Vegas, Nevada

Tuesday night we stayed at the Monte Carlo on the Strip. Wednesday morning we woke up and went to eat crepes at the Paris. Here's a picture of the Eiffel Tower out front. Doesn't it make you want to move to actual Paris?

Since I'm really normal, I took pictures of the bathroom sink. Cool, right?

Barry's homeskillet.

Here I am... in a casino. I don't know which one. There are so many! This is a Japanese restaurant that has fish tanks instead of walls. 

These are my favorite street performers. Performer might not be the right word. It's Mickey Mouse, drunk, holding a beer, laying on the ground next to a lot of trash. The best part is that there are many of these. Sometimes it's Minnie or Spongebob. I couldn't stop laughing at them.

Get ready for Winnie and Buck. This is a HILARIOUS statue in... Harrah's? I don't know. Somewhere.

Aren't they the cutest? I want to be them. Poodle and all.

[ Side note spurred by poodles ]

When we were driving through Utah, we saw a sign that said "Last Services - 30 miles." I thought they meant public restrooms or maybe something having to do with semi trucks. I don't know. I don't speak road lingo. I say to Bear, we're going to need gas soon. He says, I'll stop at the next place. Thirty miles later, there hadn't been a single place. There had only been two exits and neither one had a single building in sight. 

(Side note within a side note - I will not be moving to Utah.) 

An hour goes by and as I'm telling Bear that I'm hungry I see another sign that says "Last Services." Except this one says 130 miles! Obviously, if I plan to eat anything that isn't a jelly bean, we need to get something at THIS exit. We had to drive four or five miles to get to a grocery store. Almost everything in it was in Spanish and I had a truly horrifying moment thinking that perhaps we had made a wrong turn and we were in Mexico.

Off track. Returning to train of thought, which is waaaay over there somewhere.

I get out of the car at this grocery store and take Charlie out of the backseat. We walk around a little and we walk by a group of three women. It just occurred to me how strange it is that they were just sitting next to a grocery store. This isn't them but it's very similar.

They're all gabbing and when I walk by they stop and stare. I got a little scared.

Fast forward fifteen minutes.

I walk out of the store and one of the women says loudly, "Is you that woman with that animal?"

Huh? I was baffled. I looked behind me.

Then she says, "I don't think no poodle is worth a god damn. If it were up to me, I'd get rid of every last one of them." 

This was all pronounced, "I done think no poodle is worth uh gadayum. If it were upta me, idda get reed uh erry lass one uvem."

After I realized that she was talking to me, trying to tell me about her distaste for poodles, and that she thought Charlie was a poodle, it all made perfect sense.

Here's a poodle.

Here's Charlie.

Utah was weird.

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