Monday, January 23, 2012

Day Twenty Four - Las Vegas

My mom, dad, and sister left Sunday morning on a 9 am flight. I got up at 6:30 to take them to the airport with Aunt Judy. The next few hours are hazy because I was 70% asleep.

Bear and I went to the swap meet with Alex in the afternoon. It was really fun. Doesn't that guy in the security tower in the parking lot make you feel safe? Pshh. I thought he was a sniper. Hmm, maybe he was.

This guy also made me feel safe.

Here's a weird hybrid of recipe/advice.

If you cut up a fresh coconut and some jicama, put it in a cheap plastic bag, put hot sauce and lime juice in with it, and shake it up, your life will improve. I promise. It's so delicious! It helps if you're walking around a swap meet where no one speaks English. It's more fun to eat spicy things while standing near Hispanic people. Everyone knows that. It will be a mess, a really sloppy, stains everything it touches kind of mess, but don't use a fork. That cheapens it.

List of things we considered buying at the swap meet:
  • Yellow skis
  • The original Nintendo Entertainment System with Super Mario
  • A small case of orange gum for $3
  • Left handed golf clubs
  • The complete Star Trek Blu Ray set
  • Barbecued chicken
  • Snowshoes
  • A wet suit
Can you guess which ones we actually purchased?

There were three.

Bear bought a wet suit and orange gum and Alex bought Star Trek Blu Rays.

Here's a line of butts. There were lots of these. Bear seemed to like them.

Here's a shot I love. When you're driving down the street here, it looks like the mountains are very close. They're pretty far away, though. I like mountains.

After we came home from the swap meet, I just sat around googling things and blogging. I watched the middle third of Wedding Crashers on TV, got bored during the end, then watched the first third when they played it again immediately. Logical.

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